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What is the Custom Build Process?

Our clients come to us with a vision of their dream van and we do the legwork to make it happen. Empty vans, already owned by the client, are brought to us to get to work on the conversion.

Step 1: Reach out to Brin in the main office via the Custom Build Inquiry Form Below, a phone call to 585-315-3983, or an email to


Step 2: After talking with you about your vision and options, Brin will provide you with a detailed estimate for your project.

Step 3: Now your project can really come to life with a 3D drawing of your van to dial in the layout that you would like for your build.

Step 4: After the Estimate and 3D Drawing are where you like, we request a $1000 booking deposit to secure a spot in our build queue.

Step 5: On your pre-determined drop-off date, Brin will spend 1-2 hours helping you decide all of your fabric, fixtures, and finishes for your van. At this time, 50% of your build balance will be due.

Step 6: We have been working on your van for 8 weeks now and the build is well on its way to completion. An additional 25% of the build balance will be due at this time to help us get the project finished up.

Step 7: Around 12-16 Weeks after drop-off, your van is all done! The remainder of the build balance will be due on the pickup date.

Step 8: Happy Traveling!

How much do your builds cost?

The cost of our custom builds depend on your budget and are based on how sophisticated of a build that you are going for. Full builds typically range from $45,000-$75,000.

Custom Build Inquiry Form
What is your preferred method of contact?

We appreciate your interest in our work! We'll be in touch soon!

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