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For The Tasteful Adventurers

East Coast Vanlife is for adventurous people who believe in the pursuit of happiness. I will focus on providing beautiful and capable vans for my clients who desire to travel in a nomadic way that offers a feeling of freedom that airplanes, boats, or trains could never. I promise that a road trip in an East Coast Vanlife build will get you the feeling of adventure that you physically crave as well as mentally.


The reason anyone buys anything is because we believe that we will get more personal value out of the transaction than the price tag says it’s worth. My hope is that every one of my customers will receive far more personal value through awesome experiences and joy making their purchase a bargain.

Who are our vans for?

East Coast Vanlife vans are not for everyone. Our vans are for the adventurers. The go-doers. Roadtrippers. Photographers. Bikers. Hikers. Skiiers. Climbers. Hunters. Motocrossers. Vanlifers. Weekenders. Full-timers. And other adventurous people.

Why Vans?
Our vans
What are our vans for?

Our vans are for use by adventurers for adventuring, exploring, boondocking, traveling, camping, and can also be used for napping, commuting, cooking, eating, working, warming up, or just enjoying some tunes.

Hi! My name is Kyle Sheppard and I am the founder of East Coast Vanlife. I have always had a passion for travel and as a young and broke kid I couldn't afford plane tickets and hotels so I would simply drive everywhere I wanted to travel to. One cold New York February, I decided on a whim that I would drive by myself to Key West just for fun and that’s what I did. I went down and back in four days and slept in the backseat of my small car. I thought to myself, as fun as this is, it would be much more comfortable and enjoyable if I had a bed, space to stretch, and a way to avoid eating strictly drive-thru food. What better way to fill these criteria than with a camper van decked out with a full-size bed, kitchen, fridge, heater, fan, and a beefy electrical system. My mission with East Coast Vanlife is to deliver the same comfort and style that I dreamed of, to every other road-tripper like myself.

It is quite possible that I am biased, but... I think that a conversion van is the BEST way to travel the country. Rule out expensive plane tickets and arriving hours early just to sit around and wait for a plane. No hotel and rental car hassles. With a van, you can pick up and roll out on your own time, any time, and everything is with you. Imagine a camper van as a big suitcase that you can live in and explore with. Everything you need for an awesome adventure is with you all the time.  Vans are also much easier to navigate cities and parking lots than an RV, AND you can park them anywhere! Anyone who has traveled in an RV knows the struggle of finding parking with a bulky motorhome or trailer. And when I say you can park it anywhere, I mean anywhere. Our solar-powered van builds allow you to live comfortably without the need for hookups at crowded campgrounds or other tourist traps. Our vans are built to hold up to anything you put them through whether you like to drive like it's Nascar or you enjoy getting off the road on some unpaved wilderness, nothing's moving. 

Quality craftsmanship and elegant design are not taken lightly at East Coast Vanlife. We strive for perfection with each individual piece of any and all vans that we produce and we don't miss! Equipped with industry-proven, quality appliances and electrical systems, our vans give you the comfort and peace of mind that a luxury home offers, anywhere your adventures take you. 

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